Keeping Pets Safe From Mosquito Bites

It is no secret that mosquitoes are some of the biggest nuisances that have ever buzzed in anyone’s ear, but whether we like it or not, they are here to stay. They can leave itchy bites on your skin, and worse, could potentially carry diseases that could not only be transmitted to humans, but to pets, as well.

Pets often spend a good deal of time outside more than their human owners in some circumstances. Don’t assume that just because your furry friend is an animal means that it is immune from mosquito bites. Just like humans, pets can have diseases transmitted to them if bitten by a mosquito carrying an infection. Here are a few ways you can keep Fido safe from mosquito bites while he is playing out in the yard.

Choose a Pet-Safe Mosquito Repellent

Believe it or not, there is dedicated mosquito repellent for pets. You may find that there are different versions for dogs and cats depending on where you go. If your pet spends a good deal of time outside, speak to a local vet about this repellent and see how much it might cost you.

If you are planning to let your pet play outside for a good amount of time during the day, you can apply

the mosquito repellent on them as directed, which should help keep the pests away from your pet.

Try to Keep Your Pet Inside During Active Hours

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Sometimes, one of the best ways you can stay away from mosquitoes is simply to stay away from them when they are most active. If the mosquitoes are really active at a certain time, then simply keep your pet inside for a bit until the mosquitoes calm down a little.

Treat Your Yard For Mosquitoes

The best way you can allow yourself and your pets to go back to enjoying your yard is to simply have it treated for mosquitoes. You can get in touch with your local mosquito control denver professional to give you a hand in getting your yard treated, and go back to finally enjoying your yard again.