Tips For Choosing The Best Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor may be one of the last things that we think about when we are in the middle of a construction project but will be the first thing we think about when we step on a cold floor early in the morning.  When looking at the bathroom as a whole, the bathroom floor is the first thing that sets the tone.  This is why bathroom flooring kenosha wi should be discussed in its entirety before any construction project begins.

bathroom flooring kenosha wi


The first thing that you want to talk about with your bathroom floor is safety.  The bathroom, unlike any other room in the house deals with water.  As such, the materials that you use should be waterproof or water resistant.  Installing carpet in your bathroom isn’t a real good idea.

When it comes to safety you want to make sure that the materials that you use are not slippery or will cause you to slip and fall.  If you choose materials such as tile these will become slick when wet.  Having bathmats or other rugs on the floor are going to help ensure that you are safe from these slips.  Just make sure they are laid flat and not bunched up in the corner.


You want to have your bathroom floor be your centerpiece.  The floor should tie everything together and make it all work.  When working on colors, you want to have a color that works well with a dark grout.  Grout is the material that seals the tiles together between the grooves.  If you have a light grout, it will eventually show dirt and grime and you will have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub it clean.  When using a darker grout, you can get away with the dirt since it doesn’t show.

When it comes to designing your bathroom floor, take your time and explore your options.  You never know what you might find.